Sunday, April 24, 2016

A New Chapter in the History of the Great Kitchinodin Nation!

Nosa Nosa!

As discussed at Winter Camp, the Kitchinodin Nation has become affiliated with the National Longhouse (aka The Native Sons and Daughters Program). For most members you will see very little change in the organization and how we operate - and where you do see change it will be very positive! To learn more about the National Longhouse, please click here.

For example, our new registration and payment system Circle Bridge will fulfill a long standing request - credit card and online payments for Nation events! If you haven't done so yet - please register by clicking on the Circle Bridge link, creating an account, and registering and paying for Spring Camp if you are going to attend. Please note that Circle Bridge registration is a requirement to attend events so please make sure to sign up right away!

If at any time you have questions, feel free to check with your Tribe Chief or with any of the Nation Officers. If you have Circle Bridge questions, please reach out to our Treasure Keeper - Sneezing Squirrel (aka Sark Mahdasian).


Thursday, August 22, 2013

From the Nation Chief

1.  We are looking for a few good family men (or women).  The new year is upon us and we of the Kitchinodin Nation look forward to seeing fresh faces in our camps.  Those who have children who are in kindergarten or first grades, take a moment to connect with other parents who have the same desire to grow the bond between parent and child as "Friends Forever".  We are not restricting recruitment to only those who live in Grandview or Marble Cliff.  Anyone is free to come and attend meetings.  All that we ask is that they have the time to commit and attend the meetings, not for the sake of their child, but for the sake of both parent and child.

2. The Grandview Heights School calendar has us starting earlier and ending the school year sooner.  Because of this, we will need to move Spring Camp to the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend (May, 18th-20th).  It looks like we'll be keeping Fall Camp the 1st weekend in October (Sept 30, Oct 1-2nd)

3.  Our next Longhouse (monthly scheduled meetings) will be Thursday, August 22. Subsequent meetings will be held on the third Thursday of each month at either the Hilltop YMCA or The Glenwood UMC, depending on what space is available.  All Tribe Chiefs and Nation Officers are required to attend.  If you cannot attend, please have your selected Sub Chiefs in your place.

4.  A note to all new Tribal Chiefs, please select your Sub Chief ASAP.  Part of the Sub Chief duties for the new year will be recording the points for White Buffalo.  FYI, the Nation Sub Chief will be Jerry B.  Any patch/vest/and pinecar information should be addressed directly to your Tribal Chief who will forward your request to the Nation Sub Chief.  Please do not contact any Nation Officers directly about payments or requisitions.

5.  Along with this, we are requiring that all payments for memberships/camps/and nation events pass through the Tribe Chiefs to the Treasure Keeper.  Our Treasure Keeper is Smooth Peak (Greg T.), so please send payments to Smooth Peak.

6.  When sending out invitations to Tribe meetings, try to walk/run/bike your invitations to your Tribe members.  Although we know that this cannot be done with all members or at all times, it allows your child to become familiar with the neighborhood and recognize the streets and homes of friends.

7.  If possible, try to schedule your dads meeting before the next Longhouse.  That way you can get a count of the parents/kids that will be involved in this years program.  Try to get parent/kids names, tribe names, and contact information and addresses.  Once all this information is compiled, we will send out a Nation Roster to all the Chiefs along with the Nation Calendar of events.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Shoot 2011

We had a good turn out at the Turkey Shoot at the Hilltop YMCA on Sunday Nov. 20th.  The kids learned alot and got some good vest patches.  Some of the available stations were knife and axe safety, compass reading, first aid, metal working, leaves, target shooting and computers.  Thanks to everyone who came out and those who volunteered.